Interactive Diaries is a project on intercultural artistic experimentation, through which technology and art are used to encourage people, who are geographically and culturally distant, to interact and communicate. Illustration, photography and sound art replace the words, and - through their universal language - help break down walls of misunderstanding and stereotypes.
ABOUT HOW DOES IT WORK? Through digital technologies, Interactive Diaries constitutes a common space for people to collaborate in real time and create a piece of art together, simultaneously, as if they were in the same room. An illustration, a photographic conversation, a sound mix. The whole collaboration is done online and anonymously to preserve a free approach to prejudices. The collaboration is based each time on different issues concerning the everyday life, like in a diary. The dialogue developed through these conversations reveal the many different but overlapping identities of each person, identities that every day collide, meet, and mingle with and through the knowledge of the “other”, of what is considered “different”. The result is a “third space”, different from each person but common to both, an interactive diary. ILLUSTRATION PHOTOGRAPHY SOUND

Interactive Diaries is part of CIN (Cultural Innovators Network). Cultural Innovators Network is a project of the Goethe-Institut as part of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership and is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office.